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Paediatric First Aid Quiz

Paediatric First Aid

We hope we never have to use our First Aid skills, let alone on Babies or Children. But unfortunately accidents can happen! Would you know what to do?

How old is a child in First Aid Terms?

A child is from 1 year to the early onset of puberty

How old is a Infant in First Aid Terms?

An infant is from birth to the 1 year old

How would you recognise Meningitus?

Fever but cold hands & feet, pain in the limbs or joints, abnormal skin colour, stiff neck, blotchy purple rash that doesn’t fade when squashed with a glass tumbler

How long do you cool a burn for?

Cool a burn under running water for a minimum of 10 minutes and seek medical attention

What is a greenstick fracture?
  • A Green Stick Fracture is fractured/splintered on one side and bent on the other
How would a child look if they were going into shock?

A child will be going pale, cold and clammy if in shock!

Can you use a defibrillator on a child?

Yes you can. You can use a defibrillator on anyone over 1 years old

Give 5 signs or symptoms of Diabetes

Excessive urination, sweaty skin, pale, behaviour change, sweet smelling breath, tiredness, excessive thirst

How do you treat a child who has a severe blockage? ( Choking)
  1. Encourage to cough
  2. Give up to 5 back blows checking after each 1
  3. Give up to 5 Abdominal thrusts checking after each 1
  4. Do this 3 times and call 999/112 – Be prepared to resuscitate if the casualty falls unconscious and is not breathing normally.
When would you do CPR on an infant?

You would begin CPR when the infant is unconscious and not breathing normally

List 5 different types of wound







A child is showing signs of Shock. What would you do?

Treat the cause. Lay them down and raise their legs ( If possible) reassure and keep warm and call 999/112

How do you recognise a Febrile Convulsion?

The child or infant can arch their back, stiffen their body and have clenched fists. The face can be red, are hot to touch and sweating. Their eyes may roll upwards and they can hold their breath.

How would you recognise your child has Croup?

The infant or child has difficulty breathing, and a short barking cough. This may sound like crowing or whistling. If he attack is severe the infant or child may use muscles around their nose and neck as they struggle in their attempts to breathe. The skin may also have a blue tinge.

Your infant is choking. What would you do?
  1. Encourage to cough
  2. Up to 5 Back Blows
  3. Up to 5 Chest Thrusts
Repeat 3 times and call 999/112
Be prepared to resuscitate if unconscious and not breathing normally
How do you treat a nose bleed?

1.Pinch the soft part of the child’s nose and ask them to lean forward

2.Continue to pinch the soft part of their nose for ten minutes.

3.Seek medical advice if the bleeding continues for more than 30 minutes.

Can you name 4 types of fracture?
  1. Open Fracture
  2. Closed Fracture
  3. Greenstick Fracture
  4. Complicated Fracture
When would you place a Child in the recovery position?

A child will go in the recovery position when they are unconscious and breathing normally. You may also place them in the recovery position if they are semi conscious and unable to control their own airway

Can you list 5 things that should be in a First Aid Kit?

Bandages, Universal Shears, Eye Pad, Burns Gel, Gauze, Safety Pins, Guidance Card, Triangular Bandage, Foil Blanket, Eye wash, Plasters, Contents list and more……….

How do I learn more about Paediatric First Aid?

Attend an NDA Course.

We run 3 courses specific to Children and infants.

TQUK Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

TQUK Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

NDA Child and Baby First Aid ( 2 Hours)

How many correct answers did you get?

20 – Your Awesome

19 – 15 Good Going

14 – 10 Not bad

Under 10 Read a book or attend a training session

Would you know what to do if:

  • Your infant starts convulsing
  • A child has bumped his head
  • A child swallows some tablets
  • Your son falls over and bumps their knee
  • Your daughter has a blotchy rash on their body
We hope this never happens. Its always good to be prepared.
Attend a course and remember….. Never be afraid to call 999/112 if in doubt.  We can never be too careful

Would you like to know more?

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This quiz is great but no substitute for a practical First Aid course.

We teach Paediatric First Aid on the following courses.

TQUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid

TQUK Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid 

NDA Child and Baby First Aid Course (2 Hours)


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