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NDA Shallow Water Courses (Non RLSS)

Who can attend?

This course is certificated by NDA First Aid Training Ltd. This is NOT sufficient as a Lifeguard qualification but more so to satisfy your requirements within water safety as per your risk assessment. If you require courses governed by the Royal Life Saving Society please chose either Emergency Response, National Pool Lifeguard Qualification or National Rescue Test for Swimming Teachers and Coaches.(NRASTC) that we also offer.

What is included?

Health and Safety within the Pool environment;

Health and Safety Legislation, Understand the importance of duty of care, Risk Assessments, Pool Hazards, Pool Safety Operating Procedures (N.O.P and E.A P), Implement class Management and Safety, Carry out Hygiene Procedures

First Aid conditions including;

Asthma, Bleeding, Contamination of water/air, Cramp, Choking, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Head Injuries, Nosebleed, Near/Dry Drowning, Shock, Vomiting,

Life Support Section;

Turning a casualty, dealing with a casualty vomiting, Deal with sudden collapse, Recovery position, Resuscitation Child and Adult, Defibrillation awareness

Aquatic Rescue;

Rescue techniques, Reach, throw, slide in, wade and extended arm tow, using the steps, stirrup lift, resuscitation in the water, turning an unconscious pupil, 2/3 person lift out, have an awareness of Spinal Injury


Lifeguard swimming towards the victim

The aim of the course is to make swimming teachers and coaches more confident should an incident arise. Concentrating on raising awareness of potential hazards, prevent accidents and how to take appropriate emergency action when required.

Pre Requisites

Be 16 years of age;

Be able to meet the following basic fitness criteria:-

  • Swim 20 metres on their back
  • swim 20 metres on their front
  • surface dive to the floor of the pool
  • climb out unaided without ladder/ steps and where the pool design permits

This course does not lead to a Lifeguard qualification

The course duration:

1 Day (Minimum 6 hours)

Certificate Validity:

Upon successful completion certification is valid for 24 Months.

Maximum number of trainees:

12 (More can be accommodated by bringing in another trainer)

Assessment and Certification:

Ongoing Practical Skills Test.

Accredited by:  NDA First Aid Training Ltd

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