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RLSS National Rescue Test for Swimming Teachers/Coaches Light

Who can attend?

NRASTC LIGHT is a supervision and rescue qualification for teachers working on the poolside or in the water during programmed activities, such as a swimming lesson when Lifeguard or First Aid backup is available to respond quickly in the event of emergency.

It is suitable for teachers working in a wide range of swimming pools, including pools where the water is deeper than the teacher’s standing depth. This award is only suitable when the facility has staff qualified as Lifeguards or First Aiders that are available to respond quickly to a swimming teacher or coach in the event of an emergency.

If Lifeguard or First Aid backup is not available the standard NRASTC should be used.

Swim coach with children, ages 9 to 12.

The aim of the course is to make swimming teachers and coaches more confident should an incident arise. Concentrating on raising awareness of potential hazards, prevent accidents and how to take appropriate emergency action when required.

Pre Requisites

Be 16 years of age;

Be able to meet the following basic fitness criteria:-

  • Swim 20 metres on their back
  • swim 20 metres on their front
  • surface dive to the floor of the pool
  • climb out unaided without ladder/ steps and where the pool design permits

This course does not lead to a Lifeguard qualification

The course duration:

1 Day (Minimum 9 hours)

Certificate Validity:

Upon successful completion certification is valid for 24 Months.

Maximum number of trainees:

12 (More can be accommodated by bringing in another trainer)

Assessment and Certification:

Practical Skills Test, External Assessors

Accredited by:  Royal Life Saving Society

All sections must be completed within 28 days of the first assessment taking place, and will be assessed by an independent Trainer/Assessor.

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This award is an assessment in practical lifesaving skills that may be needed by anyone teaching or coaching swimming or other programmed activity in a swimming pool.

It is awarded by Lifesavers, the Royal Lifesaving Society UK ( and endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association, the Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches and the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management.

It is also recognised in “Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools” as being appropriate for those supervising swimming pool programmed activities.


  • Be aged 16 years or over at the time of assessment
  • Be able to swim 20 metres on the front
  • Be able to swim 20 metres on the back
  • Be able to reach the pool floor. The depth selected must be the same as the pool used during teaching

Recommended Training time:

  • Teachers with no previous experience of lifesaving or lifesupport skills – minimum 9 hours
  • Teachers renewing the award – minimum 5.5 hours

The Award has three compulsory sections, which may be assessed on separate occasions. These are:
1. The teacher,  swimming pool and class management
2. intervention rescue and emergency action
3. CPR and First Aid

All sections must be completed within 28 days of the first assessment taking place, and will be assessmed by an independent Trainer/Assessor.

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