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E- Learning…………. The future of First Aid?

Blended First Aid at Work, Paediatric and Emergency First Aid at Work now Available.
The Health and Safety Executive and Awarding Bodies have now stipulated that the First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work renewal and Emergency First Aid at Work courses can now be offered as blended training using Online Training within the candidates ‘work time’.  This is something we at NDA First Aid Training Ltd anticipated since the HSE changes in 2013. This will soon be an option on our Website and our clients can now have an option of blended learning or complete face to face training

It is likely, although not confirmed as of yet that the First Aid at Work and FAW renewal will be reduced by 1 day in the classroom, learners will be able to complete a 6 hour video online course, the Emergency First Aid at Work will effectively be reduced to half a day with learners completing a 3 hour online course.

Offering the option of blended workplace first aid courses will give more flexibility to our clients being more accessible and affordable to employers,  reducing the time employees spend away from their desks and job roles.

What are your thoughts? NDA will be offering both options i.e Blended Learning and complete face to face Learning. Many people dislike change however I see this as a good opportunity to move with the times. If the E Learning is done in a creative and interactive way I can see this as a very positive move in the Industry.

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NDA First Aid Training Ltd

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