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Head Injuries – Compression


Pressure builds up within the skull as a result of infection, internal bleeding or a swelling of the brain tissue itself.

what can happen to the eyes if you have compression?

When comparing the eyes you can notice that the pupils may be unequal in size

Name the 3 main types of Head Injury

Concussion, Compression and Skull Fracture

The casualty has gone unconscious. What do I do now?

Place in recovery position if safe to do so.

Common causes include:

Major head injury

Heavy blow to head

Internal brain injury




  • Deteriorating level of response
  • Intense headache
  • Noisy, slow breathing
  • Strong, slow pulse
  • High temperature
  • Unequal pupil size
  • Change in personality or behaviour


  • If the casualty is conscious lay them down and support their head and shoulders.
  • If unconscious manage their airway but leave in the position you found them because of risk of spinal injury
  • Call 999 / 112 for an ambulance

This guidance is great but no substitute for a practical First Aid course.

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