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Affects the airways, making breathing very difficult for the sufferer.

How many people have died from asthma?

5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma: 1.1 million children (1 in 11) and 4.3 million adults (1 in 12). Asthma prevalence is thought to have plateaued since the late 1990s, although the UK still has some of the highest rates in Europe and on average 3 people a day die from asthma.

Is asthma common?

Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs. It is one of the most common long-term diseases of children, but adults can have asthma, too. Asthma causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing at night or early in the morning

What does asthma do to the body?

Asthma affects the body by limiting the flow of air into the lungs. When certain substances trigger an asthma attack, cholinergic receptors in the airways respond by tightening the muscles. This process is called bronchoconstriction.

Common triggers include:

Exercise ( Over exertion)

Weather change



Animals fur


  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Wheezy breathing
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Coughing
  • Signs of anxiety or distress
  • Hypoxia and Cyanosis
Asthma 2


  • Ask the casualty to use their own reliever inhaler and monitor for signs of improvement
  • Calm and reassure the casualty
  • Encourage the casualty to take slow steady breaths
  • If there is no improvement, the casualty is getting worse or its their first attack, call 999/112 and be prepared to resuscitate.

This guidance is great but no substitute for a practical First Aid course.

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