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2017- What the future holds for NDA First Aid Training Ltd

As scary as it sounds 2017 is nearly upon us. We at NDA First Aid Training Ltd like to continue to evolve and year by year try to introduce new elements to the business. Please see below for a sneak peak of what is to come.

Defibrillator Awareness: We have been including Defibrillator awareness sessions on all First Aid Courses since early 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017. A lay person knowing the basics of the machine, where to put the pads and how to administer a lifesaving shock could be a matter of life or death. It is simple when you know how! Our aim at NDA First Aid Training Ltd is to spread as much awareness as possible to all in the local community and surrounding areas.

Tourniquet and Haemostatic Dressings: Due to recent affairs and the fact that acts of terrorism are at an all time high we are including Tourniquet and Haemostatic Dressings training on select First Aid courses where the client may be deemed higher risk than another. Such as those working in Forestry, Security, and other sectors.

Defibrillator Sales: Having been asked by several of our Clients regarding defibrillators, we now sell them at a very cost effective price. More details and our PDF Brochure can be seen at where we also offer a more in depth qualification on Defibrillation and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Online Learning: This is something will shall be testing before 2017 and then introducing. Giving the client freedom of completing certain elements of a course online may help you operationally and minimise the time an employee spends out of the office on a First Aid Course.

Training Centres: We currently operate Nationally, coming to a Business anywhere in the United Kingdom at a time and date that suits you, however if you are an Individual you can come to our Training Centres in High Wycombe, West London, Marlow and Aston Clinton. We shall soon be introducing training centres in 2 other areas!

Online Bookings: If you require a First Aid course as an individual you can now book online at 24 Hours a day. Making it as easy as possible for you. All our schedules are online from now to December 2017 so clients can be organised and book in advance if they wanted.

New Instructors and Courses: We are always looking for excellent instructors and have a minimum of 5 new Instructors joining our team in 2017. The instructors shall be delivering a variety of courses in First Aid, Lifeguard, Health and Safety and so much more.

This is only a snippet of what is to come from NDA First Aid Training Ltd and we shall share more information between now and 2017.

Should you require any further information or any training please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01494 958547, emailing or via the website

Kind regards

Nick Ayling

NDA First Aid Training Ltd

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